Blooming Card | Hello Little One

QAR 25


Adorned on our 100% recycled, seeded paper
This card is embedded with Swan River daisy seeds and can be planted for an array of Swan River daisies to bloom
Blank inside, for your handwritten messages.

Due to the handmade nature of our recycled paper and placement of the seeds, no two pieces are the same making each piece truly unique.

SIZE: 7.4 x 10.5cm


Your card is embedded with Swan River daisy seeds and is
intended to be planted once read for an array of wildflowers to bloom.
Follow these planting tips for best results:

1. Fill a cute pot with seed raising mix
2. Soak your Hello Petal card in water until completely wet
3. Place card in pot and lightly cover with seed raising mix
4. Water and place in a well-lit environment -
a sunny windowsill in your home is the perfect home for it
IMPORTANT: Ensure paper stays moist and does not dry out
Germination should take 7-21 days

Note: card may be planted directly into your garden.
Regular soil is fine to use however seed mix is recommended
for best results



How does plantable paper work?
Our paper is embedded with tiny seeds throughout. Once placed in the correct conditions and watered daily, the seeds will be able to germinate through the paper. Just like they would if you were to plant from a seed packet! The seeds in our paper are Swan River daisies - Brachyscome iberidifolia.

How do I plant my hello petal card?
Simply place your card in soil (we recommend a good seed raising mix) water and watch it bloom! Important: ensure the paper stays moist and does not dry out - this will allow the seeds to germinate through the pulp. Keep in a sunny corner in your home our you can plant directly into your garden.

How long will it take for my hello petal card to grow?
Germination can take anywhere from 7-21 days but if planted in the correct conditions you will usually see them start to germinate within a week and see blooms around weeks 14-17. Keep in full sun position.